Crisfield Bluegrass and Sunset Festival Story

In 2020 Tim and Savannah Finch took their boat from Kent Island Md down the Chesapeake to Tangier Island Va. They fell in love with Tangier Island and the surrounding areas and quickly sold their house then relocated to Crisfield. Being involved in music for many years performing as well as Tim traveling to festivals as an instrument sales rep they saw the vision of a Bluegrass Festival in Crisfield. In one weekend Savannah created the festival poster and they partnered with their friends Glenn and Gretchen (our wonderful MCs) and approached Jay Tawes with the idea. Tim booked the festival and from there Tim and Jay worked diligently for a year getting sponsors to support the vision. In addition to the grassroots approach of spreading the word through Tim and Savannah performances, Jay and Tim partnered with the State of Maryland Tourism to help get the word out about the festival. Presented by GTF productions and GCAC, the first two festivals were a success.

We look forward to bringing you another great festival for 2024!